Shinigami Buki Shokunin Senmon Gakkō (死神武器職人専門学校), Shibusen for short. Also known as "Death-Weapon Meister Academy", or the D.W.M.A. It is a vocational school located in the middle of Death City, a fairly large metropolis stationed in Nevada's Black Desert. It is run by Lord Death , the Grim Reaper himself, and educates young Meisters and Weapons to fight evil in order to keep balance in the world.




Classes and Student LifeEdit

Opposing ForcesEdit

The oposing forces of the DWMA are numbered and varied. More often than not the single greatest enemy of the DWMA is the Kishin, a race of humans who have consumed exsessive amount of human souls. Although KIshin have rarely ever gained a prescence in the world, the are still the greatest threat to Shibusen. The next greatest threat to Shibusen is the Grand Witch Mabaa and by extension, all of Witch kind. Witches are far greater in number than Kishin and as a result pose a more imediate threat. Although not as powerful as Kishin, Witches are still capable of killing Meisters with either magic, or trickery. A further enemy of the DWMA is the organisation Arachnaphobia, led by the Heratic Witch, Arachne. Arachne however has been missing for nearly eighthundred years and thus Arachnaphobia poses no imediate threat to Shibusen. The final enemy of Shibusen is the Pre-Kishin. These are humans who have consumed human souls, but are not yet a Kishin. There are less powerful than real Kishin and witches, however exist like rats. The more that are killed by the agents of Shibusen, the more pop up somewhere else.

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